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Videogioco Nintendo Snack World: Esploratori di Dungeon - Gold

Bild: Videogioco Nintendo ...
30,25 €
  • You Are the Crawler of Your Own Dungeon.
  • Customize your hair, eyes, mouth, body, EVERYTHING into an avatar that best suits you, before heading out on your adventure
  • Jiggle your Jaras. Outfit yourself with "jaras" weapons, shields, healing tonics, and status-buffing colognes with randomized parameters that can be shrunk down for ease of carrying
  • A Deliciously Meta Adventure- High fantasy and high tech collide in this fourth-wall-breaking RPG with a modern twist for gamers of all generations
Produktabmessungen: 10.50 cm x 1.00 cm x 17.00 cm
Gewicht: 0.03 KG

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